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With the UK’s National Health Service buckling at the knees many patients are facing frustration and disappointment every day when they seek medical care with long waiting times and dwindling, and substandard, medical facilities fast becoming the norm.

In addition, doctors are under increasing pressure work for long hours, and are being forced by the system to see patients within less than 15 minutes per consultation…

It’s no wonder patients are being misdiagnosed — or left undiagnosed for years! And when they do get a diagnosis, chances are that they will leave their doctor with a prescription in hand for a drug that could potentially cause a long list of side effects, leading to more suffering.

Needless to say, mainstream medicine is not serving people the way it should be.

Let’s face it, the majority of diseases are GREATLY affected by lifestyle factors: Diet, exercise, stress, environmental toxins, nutritionally-deficient foods, insufficient sleep, lack of companionship, and more…

Considering all these risk factors, it’s clear to see that many of the health issues people are struggling with are completely preventable… And when you incorporate natural alternatives as part of your health regimen, and you do it right, your health could be back on track in no time… and stay that way!

However, with the current state of our crumbling healthcare system, who do you turn to for guidance?

Fortunately, in the past three decades, there has been a growing interest in alternative medicine. Natural approaches that were once considered “new age” and “fringe” are now recommended by some forward-thinking conventional doctors, and having access to these options can be easily found at your local health food store.

But with all the increased interest, attention, and accessibility comes even more conflicting information and confusion.

Whose opinion can you trust? What products are worth your time or are most of them just a waste of money? Can they really work or are they dangerous?

That’s where Agora Health’s unique online learning platform comes into the picture, providing a fresh and trustworthy perspective on integrative medicine, helping you cut through the clutter of all the information out there and take control of your own health.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading alternative and integrative health experts, like Dr. Fred Pescatore and Dr. Marc Micozzi, to bring you the latest nutritional and lifestyle approaches to help you gain control of your health.

Our online learning platform gives you access to the same, breakthrough protocols and audio-visual programmes that our expert contributors have developed to help their own patients as well as thousands of people around the world to achieve better and longer-lasting health.

Each protocol will give you expert step-by-step guidance in easy-to-understand lessons, which consist of a series of pre-recorded audio-visual lessons as well as complimentary downloadable reports. This means you can log in anytime and follow each lesson at your own pace. In addition, optional review questions follow each lesson, to help you remember the key points.

With this privileged access to expert advice, you will have a complete, step-by-step action plan… covering all aspects of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and even environmental factors… as well as how much exercise you really need and which supplements to take. Giving you all the tools of exactly what you can do — beyond just taking drugs and undergoing invasive treatments — to restore and maintain vibrant health for a lifetime.

Agora Health’s goal is to put the boundless power of natural health and healing into your hands. To give our readers all the information and tools they need to help them live long, active, drug-free, and disease-free lives.